A LEGO Mario keychain and sweepstakes are now available on the My Nintendo website

Lego Mario Keychain
Lego Mario Keychain (Image credit: Nintendo)

What you need to know

  • A new LEGO Mario keychain can be redeemed on the My Nintendo website for 400 Platinum coins.
  • Users can also spend up to 30 Platinum coins for up to three entries in a Mario LEGO sweepstakes.
  • The sweepstakes runs until September 22, 2021.

The My Nintendo Store offers a lot of value for loyal Nintendo fans, from digital content to physical gamer goodies. Members can now spend 400 Platinum Coins, which can be earned just by visiting the My Nintendo page or playing Nintendo mobile games like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, in order to redeem an exclusive LEGO Mario keychain. Offer available while supplies last, shipping fees apply.

My Nintendo members can also enter to win lots of LEGO Mario goodness in the latest My Nintendo sweepstakes. Just spend 10 Platinum Coins to enter to win, with a maximum of three entries being possible per My Nintendo account. Members receive 30 Platinum Coins just by logging in once a week, so this one's super affordable!

Lego Mario Sweepstakes

Lego Mario Sweepstakes (Image credit: Nintendo)

The prize pack includes the Adventures with Mario Starter Course, Adventures with Luigi Starter Course, Bowser's Airship Expansion Set and a set of gold LEGO Mario and Luigi keychains exclusive to this prize pack. To enter, simply visit the website, click "Select Number of Entries", and then "Redeem" for one to three entries. This offer runs until September 22, 2021.

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