Lenovo's Jedi Challenges headset is going Dark Side, complete with Kylo Ren's Saber

Disney and Lenovo are pushing out the biggest update to the Jedi Challenges experience yet, and releasing some new hardware to accompany the release. The Dark Side Expansion is a free update for existing Jedi Challenges owners, and as the name suggests it allows you to fight and train as the only living wielder of that power in the Star Wars universe today. But since it would be weird to fight as Kylo Ren using Rey's weapon, Lenovo is also making his now infamous cross-guard saber available as a limited edition upgrade you can buy.

Jedi Challenges owners have been asking about playing as the baddies from day one, and this new content pack gives you the whole experience. As Kylo Ren, you'll be able to fight Rey, Yoda, Luke, and many more as you climb through a similar difficulty tree as the original game system.

You can expect the Dark Side content update to be available for new and existing Jedi Challenges owners this November, with the limited edition Kylo Ren lightsaber for the game available at select retailers for $99. Jedi Challenges was already well worth the money you pay for it, and with this new content expansion you can expect not only hours more unique gameplay but also a new way to play with others who own the headset.

Russell Holly

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