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What you need to know

  • Apple VP Lisa Jackson sat down for an interview with HELLO! Magazine.
  • The executive talks about Apple's sustainability work as well as its partnership with the Malala Fund.

Lisa Jackson, Apple's Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, sat down for an interview with HELLO! Magazine ahead of the Web Summit with Malala Yousafzai to talk about the company's sustainability goals. The company recently announced that it was working towards becoming completely carbon neutral by the year 2030.

The executive revealed that Apple's operations are already carbon-neutral, but that the company is still working to meet that goal across its supply chain and product line.

"We have been running our company on hundred percent renewable energy for two years now, and this year now, we are completely carbon-neutral for Apple operations ... But, we also announced this year that in ten years, by 2030, that Apple will be carbon-neutral across our entire supply chain and across all our products ... Every product that you buy will have a zero carbon footprint and also the use of that product will be zero carbon footprint. We're working around the world to transition to this clean energy fuel future quicker, so every customer can run their devices on clean energy."

During her chat with Malala, Lisa will explore Apple's joint project with the Nobel Prize laureate's foundation, Malala Fund, and its aim around climate change and its impact on young women.

Jackson also talked about the company's partnership with Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and her foundation, Malala Fund.

"Our partnership is three years old now, and Malala has been focusing on climate change of girls' education, sustainability and environmental protection. One of the things she will announce is that Apple is helping to fund new work on exactly that. This link between, what happens when you educate girls and why that is one of the most important things you can do to fight climate change."

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