Logitech launches POWERED wireless charger designed in collaboration with Apple

Logitech today unveiled it's newest product and it's a beauty. Designed in collaboration with Apple, POWERED is a minimalist, fantastic looking stand that supports Qi wireless charging.

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The POWERED stand is perfectly designed to work with the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. It's unique in that it stands upright instead of flat like most charging pads. Most wireless charging stands I've come across look a bit more like a car dock. POWERED is simple and sleek.

The cradle sits at a 65-degree angle so you can unlock your iPhone X with Face ID just by glancing at it. It's got a U-shaped frame that extends out over the edge just enough to keep your iPhone from slipping and sliding around — no need for sticky magnetic panels ugly-ing up your iPhone.

Powered wireless charger

It's also got a low-glow LED status light that will blink if it detects a metal object that might interfere with your charging.

The POWERED works with non-metal cases up to 3mm thick and supports Apple's 7.5W fast charging. You can set your iPhone upright in Portrait mode, or flip it sideways into Landscape mode and keep the charge going the whole time.

This is definitely the best looking wireless charger I've seen so far. It's going on my list right now.

You can preorder Logitech's Powered for iPhone right now for $69.99. It only comes in white.

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