Loopy Case for iPhone review: Stop the drop

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Bottom line: This lightweight but protective case has a sturdy loop on the back for excellent grip.


  • +

    Lightweight and slim but protective

  • +

    Sturdy finger loop for secure grip

  • +

    Appealing, fun designs

  • +

    Reach more of the screen one-handed

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    Lifetime guarantee


  • -

    Not wireless charging compatible

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You've probably seen Loopy Cases on your Instagram feed; they're popular with bloggers and influencers for good reason. The solid finger loop on the back gives you an excellent grip, steadying and securing your iPhone for better photos and life in general. In fact, Loopy has trademarked the phrase StoptheDrop™. Plus, you can use the coupon code "imore10" for 10% off the price of your Loopy Case.


Loopy Case for iPhone: Features

Loopy Case for iPhone

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Loopy Cases feel like more than the sum of their parts, somehow. The case is slim and light, it adds very little bulk to your iPhone. Yet it's a full-coverage phone case, with a lip that extends over the edge of the iPhone screen for face-down protection. The case is just thick enough to be higher than the camera module, so the lenses are protected when you put your phone down face up. The back of the case is hard plastic, and it's more of a matte finish which makes it less plastic-looking. The case's bumper is a firm but flexible rubbery texture. It's more smooth than grippy, but the edges aren't what give the case its grip. The flexibility is just enough to make putting the case on and taking it off the iPhone pretty easy.

The button covers over the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons are satisfyingly clicky. The cutouts for the mute switch, speakers, Lightning port, and camera are sized generously enough not to get in the way of the iPhone's functionality. The Lightning port cutout is specifically designed to accommodate third-party charging cables, and in my experience it does.

Good-bye, pinkie shelf!

Of course, what makes the Loopy case stand out is the loop on the back. The loop is extremely comfortable and natural to use, perhaps even more so than other products designed with the same purpose. The holes for the loop are at a slight angle so the loop is very comfortable to use with my right (dominant) hand. It's still useable with my left, of course, but not quite as natural feeling. Lefties, don't despair: when you order, you'll be asked if you're a rightie or a leftie. Either way, your case will fit your dominant hand perfectly.

Using the loop, you don't even have to hold your phone. You can flip it around backward and just hold the loop when your hands are full of other stuff. Taking photos, you don't have to do the old pinkie shelf. Have you ever dropped your phone on your face in bed? That won't happen with the Loopy case. The loop is soft and flexible, so you won't have trouble fitting the Loopy Case in your tight jeans pocket or bag.

You can get a Loopy Case for any model iPhone as far back as the iPhone 5/SE, plus plenty of other smartphones, though the current models are currently on pre-sale. Choose from eight different colorful and appealing designs, including the Leopard and Rose Marble seen in my photos. You can buy extra loops and swap them out easily.

Good-bye, pinkie shelf

Loopy Case for iPhone: What I like

I do love this case and find it so comfortable to use. As someone who spends a lot of time on her iPhone, I appreciate not having to hold the weight of my phone on a shelf made of my pinkie finger. Speaking of weight, unlike some cases, this adds very little bulk to my phone. Yet it's not a barely-there case, it does feel substantial enough to protect the phone if needed.

Using the loop, I can reach more of my screen with my thumb when holding the phone one-handed. I can take riskier photographs, reach my arm up higher or out farther, without worrying about dropping my iPhone.

Loopy Case for iPhone

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Not perfect

Loopy Case for iPhone: What I don't like

That's not to say the loop is perfect. It does prevent the use of wireless charging entirely, so you'll have to remove the case if you want to charge your iPhone wirelessly. Loopy says the loop can act as a kickstand, but that's pushing it. I mean, you can, but the angle is so low I personally wouldn't bother. The "tails" of the loop are just sort of there, in between the case and the phone. I can't imagine anyone could actually see the bulge, but knowing those tails are there I can't help but sense the slightest bulge in the case.

Get a grip

Loopy Case for iPhone: Bottom line

The Loopy Case is right in the middle between thinness and protectiveness, neither heavy-duty nor barely-there but just right. The loop is exceedingly comfortable to use, placed at a slight angle to maximize comfort. The loop affords you a better grip on your phone, whether you're taking photos, using your phone one-handed, holding multiple items in your hands, or taking one last scroll through your feed in bed.

It comes in eight fetching and colorful designs, plus you can buy additional loops for different looks. Don't forget to use the coupon code "imore10" for 10% off your order.

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