Love is in the air with Plants vs. Zombies 2's Valenbrainz event

Plants vs. Zombies fans can celebrate the love in the air this season thanks to the Valenbrainz update for Plants vs. Zombies 2. Starting today, February 2, and running through February 16, players will have access to new plants and zombies and be able to collect Valenbrainz-themed costumes. Here's a full breakdown of what players can expect in the Valenbrainz update:

  • The Premium Plant, Blooming Heart, a plant that catapults heart-shaped projectiles, causing increasing damage with each hit.
  • Six Valentine-themed zombies.
  • Collectible Valenbrainz-themed costumes.
  • 11 new Valentine-themed levels.
  • Receive higher coin rewards!

And that's not all: February 16 will mark the launch of the next content update, Modern Day part 2, which will introduce 16 new levels along with new costumes and more. So, if you're ready to spread the love with some plant-and-zombie-based warfare, you can grab Plants vs. Zombies 2 from the App Store link below.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster