With dwindling marketshare in the 1990s, Mac software got more and more difficult to find. Software specialty stores focused on higher demand PC software, even big box retailers stopped carrying Mac software. Then Apple created the Apple Store, a retail haven that finally gave Mac users a place to get software. But that changed too, as acccessories for the iPod, iPhone and iPad took over Apple's limited store shelf space. Things looked dire until late 2010, when Apple took the wraps off the Mac App Store. It has the same ease of use as the App Store for iOS apps, uses the same credentials — your Apple ID — and enables Mac users to safely and securely download applications vetted for the Mac from certified developers. The results have been spectacular — millions of Mac users now have access to the Mac App Store, which has been included on every copy of the operating system since OS X Lion was released, enabling developers to reach a base of Mac customers they've never had access to before now.