Ultrawide monitors do wonders for productivity, and this one is $170 off

Samsung Ultrawide
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Dual monitor setups are great. They give you more screen real estate so that you can get more stuff done, and they look like a battle station in an 80s military bunker. They also take up loads of space, with two monitors' worth of everything taking up more room. That's bezels, screens, stands or arms, and plug sockets. You can get the same experience without all that extra guff with an Ultrawide monitor, however.

This Samsung Ultrawide has a 34-inch screen so that you can see more in a horizontal space. That could be two windows next to each other or one really, really wide excel spreadsheet. It's currently $170 off on Amazon, bringing it well below $300.

All the screen real estate for $170 off

$429 (opens in new tab)

Samsung 34-inch Ultrawide SJ55W | $429 $258 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

This is the lowest price ever on this monitor, lower than its previous low by about $20. This could be the perfect time to grab the monitor, as the previous lowest prices didn't stick around too long. Don't forget to grab a new HDMI cable with this one to make use of the extended resolution. Be safe and get an HDMI 2.1 cable.

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Having an ultra-wide monitor has done wonders for my workflow since I plugged it in. Working on multiple windows is a cinch, and working on videos and music has become a lot easier with more of the timeline available to view. This Samsung will give you just the same. Extra horizontal space that eliminates the need for another monitor is the name of the game here, and this 34-inch monitor has just that.

If you've got a MacBook Pro 14-inch or 16-inch you'll be ok in terms of plugging it in, but if you have a MacBook Air or 13-inch MacBook Pro you'll want to pick up one of the best docking stations for Mac to make sure that you can plug your new monitor in.

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