Calling all Mac users! Logitech has five new accessories you need to see

Logitech Mx Keys S Combo for Mac
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Logitech, the maker of some of the best mechanical keyboards for Mac and the best wireless mouse for Mac that money can buy is back for 2024 with a whopping five new Mac accessories.

The new lineup of four keyboards and one mouse was unveiled this week, with prices starting at just $59.99. There’s a brand new MX Keys S for Mac, a new MX Keys S Combo for Mac, a new MX Anywhere 3S, a new MX Keys Mini, and the aforementioned Wave. 

All of the new lineup boasts many of the notable features that make Logitech’s lineup stand out, most notably the premium design language that means its MX range in particular will look right at home on a desk alongside a Mac. Here’s the lowdown on all five.

MX Keys S for Mac | $109 at Logitech

MX Keys S for Mac | $109 at Logitech

The new MX Keys S for Mac costs $109 and is a full-size wireless keyboard with a num pad, an updated Mac layout, and Smart Actions. It has Logitech's easy-switch for connection to up to three devices you can swap between at any given time, a hand proximity sensor activated backlight, and USB-C charging. 

MX Keys S Combo for Mac | $199 at Logitech

 MX Keys S Combo for Mac  | $199 at Logitech

 The MX Keys S Combo is a bundle that boasts that very same keyboard, combined with Logitech’s immensely popular MX Master 3S for Mac mouse, and a palm rest for good measure. The MX Master 3S has seven total buttons including a thumbwheel and a gesture button for ultimate versatility. 

MX Anywhere 3S for Mac | $79 at Logitech

 MX Anywhere 3S for Mac  | $79 at Logitech

If the MX Master 3S is a bit big or too expensive for your taste, the new MX Anywhere 3S for Mac is a compact mouse with ultra-fast scrolling and 8K resolution tracking. It also now comes with quiet clicks, too. 

MX Keys Mini for Mac | $99 at Logitech

 MX Keys Mini for Mac  | $99 at Logitech


The MX Keys Mini is the compact, minimalist version of the MX Keys S. It’s incredibly small, but features a premium design and function keys tailored specifically for Apple users. Without the backlight, the battery is good for up to 5 months!

 Ergo Wave Keys for Mac | $59 at Logitech

  Ergo Wave Keys for Mac  | $59 at Logitech

The new Wave Keys for Mac is an Apple-specific version of its ergonomic Wave, replete with an ergonomic design that makes for more comfortable and more natural typing. It also comes with a built-in palm rest. It is wireless, but probably not a keyboard for on-the-go users. 

So there you have it, Logitech’s five brand new Mac accessories tailored specifically for the Apple faithful, available now from, as well as Amazon and other retailers. 

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