Don't want to wait for AI in macOS? Invisibility gives you more than Apple's rumored offering right now

Screenshot of the Invisibility AI app on a Mac
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WWDC 2024 is taking place on June 10, and it's where we'll see all of Apple's new software announcements. Apple's AI is top of the cards for the event, where we're expecting to see new features announced across the product line. We expect a slew of new features, the biggest of which will be powered by AI. Rumors have so far suggested that new AI features will come to the Notes and Safari apps, among others. But what if you don't want to wait?

Invisibility is a Mac app that gives you access to AI features on the best Macs right now. And, it offers even more functionality than we expect Apple to announce at WWDC. Invisibility is already available to download and start using on your Mac.

Invisibility is up for grabs under a new name after launching as Gravity AI. It brings a powerhouse AI tool exclusively for Mac users. Why settle for one AI model when you can have them all? Invisibility packs in GPT-4o, Claude 3 Opus, Gemini 1.5 Pro, and Llama 3. And there's no more juggling subscriptions and apps – one subscription gets you the lot, and you can switch models like you're changing TV channels.

What else can Invisibility do?

This isn't just another AI app awkwardly bolted onto macOS. Invisibility is crafted exclusively for macOS, making it feel almost native. A quick Option + Space shortcut brings up the AI that's ready to roll with whatever’s on your screen. You don't need to snap a screenshot and chat about it – the AI sees what you see. Soon, speech recognition will let it watch meetings and identify who said what. You can chat with your audio files, all safely on-device, and distill hours of meetings or lectures into bite-sized notes.

Invisibility makes a big deal about privacy, and rightly so. Everything happens on your device, which is exactly what Apple is planning. No data leaks, no sneaky server-side processing. Your conversations and data stay yours. Running on Apple silicon, Invisibility is a sprinter. With MistralAI under the hood and a local instance of Ollama, it’s lightning fast. Tasks are done in a flash, keeping up with your rapid-fire demands.

While we expect big things from Apple's AI features in the next version of macOS, more recent rumors suggest it won't bake in many AI chatbot features. Rather, things will focus on improving system apps and the experience. But what if you do want to access a chatbot? Invisibility is available right now, and might be one of the most seamless ways to use AI chatbots. Not only does it offer all the top models, it even beats the official ChatGPT to launching the on-screen feature.

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