Where to order the new Mac Mini with M2 and M2 Pro

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The brand new Mac mini with M2 is here, and you can order one today. You can get it in both M2 and M2 Pro forms, although the latter is slightly more expensive. These were the launches we weren't expecting in the Apple press release a few weeks ago, but they are welcome additions to the Mac lineup. These new Mac minis look to be excellent all-rounders at great prices if you're looking to get a new Mac on your desk.

The new Mac mini starts at $599 for the base M2 model, but you can spec it up to $1299 if you choose to go with more powerful specs. That could be as much as 32GB RAM or even an 8TB SSD. This, without any shadow of a doubt, is one of the most impressive Mac minis we've ever seen - if only it looked a little different too.

The question remains, however - from where should you buy one?

Another pair of Macs were released during the press release, and we know where to buy the MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max.

Are the new Mac minis low on stock?

If you want one of the normally available Mac minis, then it looks like stock is fairly solid. Ordering a Mac mini without any spec changes seems to net you a new Mac mini for delivery within two days or so - nice and quick.

If you spec up a machine, however, delivery dates do seem to shift. For example, adding a 1TB ethernet port to your Mac mini seems to shift the delivery date to mid-February.

Where to order the Mac Mini 2023

Mac Mini M2 | from $599 at Apple

Mac Mini M2 | from $599 at Apple

You can always go straight to the horse's mouth and grab a new Mac Mini directly from Apple. You'll get to spec a machine up, however, choosing the amount of RAM and storage. You can also choose your chip here if you want the more powerful M2 Pro. Delivery will change here depending on which model you choose and whether you spec it up.

Mac Mini M2 | from $599 at Best Buy

Mac Mini M2 | from $599 at Best Buy

You can buy a new Mac mini from Best Buy, where much like Apple you can spec up a machine with all the goodies. You can also get a couple of extras, like 3 free months of iCloud+. Shipping is free, too.

Mac Mini M2 | from $599 at B&H Photo
Mac Mini M2 Pro | from $1299 at B&H Photo

Mac Mini M2 | from $599 at B&H Photo
Mac Mini M2 Pro |
from $1299 at B&H Photo

B&H Photo has the new Mac Mini available for order, with separate pages for the M2 Pro and M2 versions. You can also choose RAM and SSD options, so you can get exactly the matching you're after.

Mac Mini M2 | from $599 at Amazon

Mac Mini M2 | from $599 at Amazon

You can order a Mac Mini from Amazon now, although there aren't many options to choose from here. You can go for the more impressive M2 Pro chip or the standard M2, and choose between two different storage 

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