Get $200 off the 15-inch MacBook Air for big-screen portability

MacBook Air 15.6 inch deal
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Want to bag a solid deal on a new MacBook Air? This saving on the 15-inch might not be the biggest that we’ve ever seen, but $200 is still a decent amount of money off one of our favorite laptops from last.

This deal marks the second-lowest price for this MacBook, with only a $100 markup on the price last seen over Black Friday. If you need a new laptop, then this deal could be just what you’ve been looking for. 

MacBook Air 15-inch $200 off

MacBook Air 15-inch |$1299$1099 at Amazon

MacBook Air 15-inch | $1299 $1099 at Amazon

The MacBook Air 15-inch was the surprise hit of 2023, with a wicked, large screen to go with its svelte shell. While there has been $300 off in the past, this $200 saving is still a decent amount of money off the five-star laptop — and a deal well worth snapping up.

The MacBook Air 15-inch is one of the best portable computers that we’ve ever seen. The 15-inch display gives it more space for you to do some work, with more room for spreadsheets, Pages documents, and even video calls. It’s plenty powerful too, with the M2 chip at its heart capable of some seriously impressive computing feats.

While you won’t be doing enormous 3D rendering tasks on it, you’ll certainly be able to do some fairly beefy video editing. Light gaming works well too, and as more games become available on macOS you’ll find that some dialed-down Resident Evil or Assassin’s Creed will run with no problem at all.

That screen and power come in a lovely looking and feeling aluminum shell that lives up to the super-slim legacy of the Air line. It’ll slip into a backpack with no qualms at all, even if you stick a protective case on it.

Not sure that the MacBook Air is the laptop for you? Still want to save some money? We’ve got you covered: Here are the best MacBook deals around.

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