New 15-inch MacBook Air might be ready earlier than we thought

M2 Macbook Air Starlight Hero
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The rumored MacBook Air 15-inch has been pegged for release later this year by a number of different analysts, but display expert Ross Young now reckons that the newest MacBook could be coming sooner rather than later.

In a subscriber-only tweet, Young says that display production for the larger screens has ramped up, suggesting that the new larger MacBook Air is on its way a little sooner than expected. Young has been right about these things before, so there's decent weight to what he says.

A new, larger MacBook Air

As for the larger MacBook Air launch itself, it's one that's been looming over us for some time. There's been loads of speculation as to what the machine will look like, how big the screen is going to be, and what's going to be inside it. Some even speculated that the new MacBook Air wouldn't even be called the MacBook Air, but simply the 'MacBook' instead. This rumor didn't seem to have any legs, but we now have a clearer picture of what the new machine will look like.

The larger screen will come equipped on a chassis that looks like a blown-up version of the most recent MacBook Air redesign, with the same svelte curves and slick lines. The chip inside isn't likely to change from that model either, with the M2 under the hood. This won't be an upgrade inside then, with the only real change being the larger screen up top.

There's a lot we still don't know about the machine, such as the colors that it will come in. It would be easy to presume that it would come in the same colors as the 13-inch version, but until any official Apple announcement, we can only speculate. It's an interesting machine for sure, but will a MacBook Air with a big screen join the ranks of the best MacBooks? Or is it pushing what used to be the definition of the Air range, e.g small and lightweight, too far?

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