Now could be the best time to buy a MacBook Air M1 - save $150 at Amazon

MacBook Air M1
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If you've been looking for the best MacBook Air M1 deal, this one could be it. There's already $50 off MSRP on the Amazon product page, bringing the MacBook below $1000. Then, when you pop one in your Amazon cart and check out, a further $99 off appears, making total savings on Amazon at the moment around $150. This makes the laptop almost the cheapest it has ever been and a whole lot more affordable for those who want a MacBook Air.

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It may not be the newest model, but you'll still get the mighty M1 chip, a lovely, vibrant screen, and one of the best MacBook keyboards in years. Remember, with this deal, you'll only see the extra $99 off when you go all the way to the final checkout screen on Amazon - so don't be surprised when it's not on the product page or in your basket.

The MacBook Air M1 is last year's MacBook Air, but it's still no slouch. In fact, it fares pretty well even when you compare it to this year's MacBook Air - especially when you factor in the price difference.

When you buy the MacBook Air M2, you'll get 8GB of RAM, a new M2 chip, a larger screen, and a new design. It is also one of the best Macbooks ever made - but with the M1 MacBook Air's most recent discount, is the new MacBook Air really worth the extra $330? If you're just looking for a MacBook to browse the web on, write up some documents, and even do some light photo editing, it will do you just fine. After all, there's the same amount of RAM under the hood, and the M1 chip is still a powerful option. Factoring in the price difference, it now makes more sense than ever to pick up an M1 MacBook Air.

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