The 15-inch MacBook Air could be coming sooner than you think

M2 Macbook Air Starlight Hero
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There has long been rumored a new MacBook Air with a bigger, 15-inch screen. Now, those rumors are reaching a fever pitch as CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Ross Young, reports in a tweet to his super followers that the biggest MacBook Air will be coming this April.

This isn't completely unexpected, as Young reported that the new MacBook Air would be coming in the Spring in December 2022. Apple also has precedent in holding announcement events in March and April, so it's looking like there could be some legs to the rumor.

Big MacBook Air

The display is only likely to be bigger than the standard MacBook Air display, rather than carrying any kind of new features. So that means no ProMotion and other technologies that we've got in the stunning displays of the MacBook Pro 14- and 16-inch for 2023, currently Apple's best MacBook on the market. 

This is the only news we have, however. There was no mention of what chip we're going to get inside the MacBook, or what kind of price we might be expected to pay. There have been rumors about the name, where Ming Chi-Kuo reported that it wouldn't be called 'MacBook Air', but rather just 'MacBook'. It's worth taking this one with a grain of salt, as while Kuo is well known for being reliable, Apple is just as well known for using different supply chain names for its unreleased products.

Either way looks like we're getting a new MacBook a little sooner than you might expect, one with a big screen. Size-wise, it will sit slap-bang in the middle of the two Pro models, albeit without some of those Pro features that make those so tempting. The big decider to its success will likely be price. Apple has to absolutely nail it, lest the big MacBook Air falls flat on arrival.

Tammy Rogers
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