This Mac hard drive offers real-time hybrid storage that's ideal for creatives

Orico DMM Mac Storage
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With internal storage space for the best Macs coming at such a high cost, picking up one of the best USB-C hard drives to go with your computer is a must. If you're a creative or someone that regularly works with big files, traditional hard-drives might not be able to keep up with you. But this new hybrid hard drive from Orico is a little different, and might be the perfect choice for creatives.

This sleek device looks like it belongs right next to your Mac, looking just like a Mac Studio. It's quiet enough to keep your midnight oil burning without a hitch. The Orico DMM comes loaded with Western Digital’s Red hard drives for archiving and SSDs for your active projects.

The DMM System offers a hybrid approach, with "hot" files on the SSD for real-time editing and "cold" files on the HDD for long-term storage. Think of it as Apple’s old Fusion drives but on steroids and without the Apple tax. And if you need to edit those cold files again, just drag them back to the SSD and off you go. It's available on Kickstarter, starting at $999.

What else can it do?

Orico’s DMM units come with storage capacities that’ll make your eyes water – up to a whopping 112TB. That’s enough for all your video footage, graphics, audio files, and perhaps even a small country’s worth of cat videos. And with write speeds up to 1,500 MB/s and read speeds topping 3,000 MB/s, you won’t be stuck staring at loading bars.

The DMM Series doesn’t just store data; it protects it too. With hardware RAID stacking options (RAID 0/1/5/10), your precious projects are safe even if a drive decides to take a permanent vacation. These units also come packed with all the ports you could dream of, including high-speed CF Express, SD, and microSD card slots. Plus, they can be daisy-chained for ultimate scalability – up to five units in a row.

Orico’s DMM System is making its debut on Kickstarter. As always with crowdfunding, early birds can grab discounts and rewards. The Data Matrix Elite 2Big ranges from 5TB to 23TB, the Pro 3Big goes from 10TB to 46TB, and the Ultra 6Big offers a staggering 22TB to 112TB.

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