MacBook Airs are suffering logic board issue, Apple offers free repairs

MacBook Air
MacBook Air (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • The 2018 MacBook Air is suffering from a logic board issue Apple has identified.
  • The issue seems to affect the "power" of the computer, but further details are not available yet.
  • Apple will begin offering free repairs for the "very small number" of affected notebooks.

There is a logic board issue affecting the 2018 MacBook Air and Apple has confirmed its existence. The issue was first discovered through internal documents acquired by 9to5Mac that say a "very small number" of MacBook Air models are being affected.

Apple's memo to repair staff notes that it has identified "an issue" with the main logic board specifically in Retina, 13-inch, 2018 MacBook Air models with certain serial numbers. Apple will be emailing customers with machines with the serial numbers they've identified as being affected, otherwise customers can take their machine to Apple Stores or authorized repair staff to have their devices checked out.Apple's documents list symptoms as issues with "power," but do not elaborate on what problems users are experiencing exactly.

As reported, Apple will be contacting owners of the affected MacBook Air models to reach out and alert them they are part of the repair program. As of now, Apple has not yet confirmed the issue through its Exchange and Repair Extension Programs page that lists all of the ongoing issues with its hardware.

Apple's repair program will run for four years from the time a MacBook Air was purchased. If you believe your computer is suffering from this issue, we recommend you take in your laptop to an Apple store and take advantage of the repair program.

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