MacBook buyers guide 2022

Apple offers the 12-inch MacBook, 13-inch MacBook Air, two types of 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the 15-inch MacBook Pro. They also still offer the 2015 versions of the MacBook Pro. If you're trying to pick the perfect Apple laptop for you, that's a lot to sort through. What's the best balance of power and portability for your needs? What price point can you afford? And, now that MacBooks come in a variety of metallic finishes, which color should you get?!

No worries! Here's everything you need to know to get the best MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro for you!

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Apple's current laptop lineup

This year, you not only have multiple versions and sizes of MacBook to choose from, but you have 2015 and 2016 models, and with Touch Bar or without Touch Bar options to consider. Above is the current MacBook product line — MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBooks Pro. Below are the details!

iPad Pro vs. MacBook: Which should you buy?

Apple now offers an iPad that's close to a Mac ... and a Mac that's close to an iPad: iPad Pro and the new MacBook. iPad Pro now comes in two sizes, 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch, and runs iOS 10 on an Apple A9X processor. MacBook comes in one size, 12-inches, and runs macOS Sierra on an Intel Skylake Core M. Both are ideal for everything from planes to coffeeshops, classrooms to boardrooms to living rooms. But which one is ideal for you?

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MacBook vs. MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which Apple laptop should you get?

Apple currently has three laptops in their product lineup — the ultralight MacBook, the previous-but-now-cheaper ultralight MacBook Air, and the powerful and brand new MacBook Pro. Together, they cover a wide range of portability, performance, and yes, price points. So, which Apple laptop is perfect for you?

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13-inch lite vs. 13-inch vs. 15-inch: Which MacBook Pro should you get

Which MacBook Pro should you get?

MacBook Pro may sound like one product but in reality there are several options to consider — do you want a 13-inch model or 15-inch? With a Touch Bar and Touch ID or without? This year's model or last year's? And then there's processor speed, graphics card, memory, SSD storage size, and even color to consider! But there's no need to suffer paralysis through analysis — I'm going to break it all down for you and make the complex simple again!

Still undecided?

If you're still having trouble choosing between the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, make sure to pay our Apple notebooks discussion forums a visit and become part of our awesome online community.

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  • That banner photos looks awesome! ^_^ So much happiness in one photo.
  • You're right. :D
  • Can you really upgrade the SSD to 512Gb or 1Tb on the 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? It says that you can on Apple's comparison tables that you show in the article, but when I look at the specs on their site it says that it is limited to 256Gb, so I'm not sure which is correct. Both agree that you can upgrade the non-Touch Bar version, so maybe the Touch Bar takes up too much room for any more storage?
  • Yes. If you start by selecting the 2nd tier 13" pro with Touch Bar (the one that starts at 512gb and $1,999) then you'll have the option to upgrade to a 1TB SSD. Sent from the iMore App
  • Thanks, I hadn't spotted that. It seems a bit odd the way it's organised. Why not just have one Touch Bar model with SSD size as an option, instead of two where the only difference is SSD size and one of them has the option of having an even larger SSD?
  • I've been really happy with the MacBook Air 13" I got last week. Low res screen but its good enough for me and my needs. Storage is very speedy being PCIe, I got 1390MB/s reads and 692MB/s writes. Better than my Samsung EVO 850 SSD in my Mac mini. Nice to have all the ports also and long battery life. I know its not for everyone though. Just felt like it would be one of the last with ports, price and the glowing apple logo so thought I better get it now.
  • I'm interested in the USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 3. Not in anything less. That leaves me for the first time in my life looking at the 15" MacBook Pro. It's more expensive, but there are no compromises.
  • And why not the 13" with Touch Bar? Sent from the iMore App
  • If I may, can I suggest an edit to the title? "MacBook buyers guide: How to make due with what is offered." ;)