Apple's MacBook Pro laptop is the company's most popular Macintosh system. Ever since the MacBook Pro replaced the PowerBook G4 in January 2006, Apple has made the laptop a showcase for innovation and technology that eventually makes its way to the rest of the product line.

The MacBook Pro is available in two sizes; the 13-inch and 15-inch. You can get the 13-inch model with or without a Touch Bar, but the 15-inch MacBook Pro is only available with the Touch Bar.

"Retina Display" is Apple's term to describe a display with pixels too small to be discerned by the naked eye from the average distance it's held from your face. Up until the Retina MacBook Pro appeared in 2012, Apple offered Retina displays only on iPhone and iPad models.

The MacBook Pro has between two and four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, all of which support 40 Gbps high-speed data transfer and charging. Though all ports are future-proof with the latest technology, Apple has done away with any legacy ports, which means no USB-A, no MagSafe, No CD/DVD drive, and no SD card slot.

If you want to carry your Mac around with you and you value performance above other factors like weight, the MacBook Pro is the best choice in Apple's product line.