Magic Duels brings Magic: The Gathering action to the iPhone and iPad

If you're a big Magic: The Gathering fan, you may be interested in the latest game from Wizards of the Coast for iPhone and iPad. Magic Duels brings the card battling fun of Magic: The Gathering right to your device, with regular card set updates, different game modes, and more.

Here's the breakdown of what you can expect from Magic Duels:

  • Regular updates from corresponding Magic set releases
  • Hundreds of new cards from the upcoming Origins set, including powerful Planeswalkers
  • Virtually endless solo gameplay against thousands of AI opponent decks
  • Expanded multiplayer options including Two-Headed Giant Mode
  • All-new Skill Quest tutorial system that teaches gameplay quickly and easily-just like learning from a friend
  • Deck Wizard offering step-by-step deck construction guidance for new players, and an advanced Deck Builder allowing experienced players to build from scratch
  • 100% earnable content means players can play free!

For big Magic: The Gathering fans, this should definitely be worth checking out. If you're interested in seeing what Magic Duels has to offer, you can grab the game for free from the link below.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster