At the Consumers Electrics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, Scosche Industries has introduced an all-new charging mount fothe r car and other uses. The MagicGrip Charge Wireless Charging Mount delivers 10W of charging power and supports Apple and Samsung Fast Charge.

Featuring a 360-degree rotation, the MagicGrip Charge allows you to view your device in landscape or portrait mode, or any angle in between. When doing so, it frees your phone from cables and other impediments, allowing you to move the unit with ease.

With the MagicGrip, your smartphone is held into place by motorized arms with a thermal management channel created between the phone and the Qi-charging head. This design allows the heated air to disperse, thereby offering a cooler charging experience, which is good for your phone's battery over time.

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For peace of mind, the accessory offers Foreign Object Detection which prevents the charging of non-Qi-enabled devices. The ambient light sensing LED illuminates soft blue during normal operation and flashes red to indicate when a foreign object is in place.

MagicGrip charging mount

For added flexibility, Scosche is offering the MagicGrip Charge in a choice of four mounting options, thereby making it also suitable for home and office use. Besides the Dash Mount, this includes the Magic Grip Window/Dash's StickGrip base, the Magic Grip Vent mount that allows for unimpeded airflow, and the MagicGrip Double Pivot option, which can be mounted in various places in your vehicle, including tight spaces.

The MagicGrip Charge Wireless Charging Mount arrives in stores this fall.

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