Mario Kart Tour multiplayer testSource: Nintendo

What you need to know

  • Mario Kart Tour is an app available on iOS and Android devices.
  • From 1/23/2020 through 1/29/2020, all players can participate in the Multiplayer beta.
  • Previously, the multiplayer testing was only available to Gold Pass subscribers.
  • You can add friends in the game and play against them.

Racers start your engines! Mario Kart Tour has been available since September 25, 2019, but you haven't been able to actually race against other players until just recently. In a recent news update, the app has stated that the multiplayer beta will be open to all players from Thursday, January, 23 at 2:00 am ET through Wednesday January, 29 at 12:59 am ET.

Before now, only players with a Gold Pass subscription could access the Multiplayer beta. We're happy it's currently available for more people to enjoy, especially since this testing allows you to create lobbies and race against your friends. It's unclear whether multiplayer will be available to everyone when it comes out of beta or if it will be reserved for Gold Pass subscribers. So, you should definitely take advantage of it while it's here.

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I played a couple multiplayer rounds on the app to see how well it works. Since you're actually playing with others online, the races take a bit longer to start and can be a little laggy at times. But it's nice taking first place and knowing that you're competing against real people instead of just an AI.

Something strange is that you don't get to choose which courses you play. Even if you create a lobby for local friends to join, the app somehow decides which course you'll play on and gives you a count down for how much longer that course is available for. Prove to your friends that you are indeed the best Mario Kart Tour racer.

Racers are you ready?

Mario Kart Tour

Race online players or friends

Mario Kart Tour was the most downloaded iPhone game in 2019. Unlock your favorite karts, drivers, and gliders while taking on familiar and new Mario Kart courses. The Multiplayer beta is currently open to everyone.

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