Mega Apple and Steve Jobs auction includes $300k Atari Job application NFT

Rr Steve Jobs
Rr Steve Jobs (Image credit: RR Auction)

What you need to know

  • A huge array of Apple-themed memorabilia and collector's items is going under the hammer next month.
  • RR Auction is hosting its 'The Steve Jobs Revolution: Engelbart, Atari, and Apple' auction through March 17.
  • Lots include a signed Steve Jobs' high school yearbook, a signed Apple Computer check, and a $300k NFT.

A massive array of Apple memorabilia including items signed by Steve Jobs and NFTs is going up for auction next month.

RR Auction is hosting its 'The Steve Jobs Revolution: Engelbart, Atari, and Apple' through March 17 at 7 pm ET, featuring a stunning array of collector's items from Apple's early years. RR writes:

RR Auction is proud to present one of our most significant themed sales to date—The Steve Jobs Revolution: Engelbart, Atari, and Apple. Through documents and objects, this small, specially curated selection traces the history of personal computers—and, specifically, the advent of Steve Jobs and Apple as chief popularizers of such products. Offered here are prototypes and early examples of some of the most innovative technologies ever conceived, including computer mouses developed by Doug Engelbart, Pong prototypes from the collection of its creator Allan Alcorn, and a sealed first-generation iPod.

Apple Auction

Apple Auction (Image credit: RR Auction / iMore)

The array of stunning lots includes Steve Jobs' signed 1971 High School Yearbook, expected to fetch upwards of $50k, Steve Jobs photographs, a signed 1976 Apple Computer Check (already bidding up to $23k), and a Steve Jobs signed Atari job application (complete with NFT) that is estimated to go for more than $300,000. The application was written by Steve in 193 for a job at Atari and sold last year along with its NFT for some $340,000.

Other lots include stunning original Apple-1 flyers, operation manuals, a signed Steve Jobs business card, a signed issue of Macworld #1 with Steve on the cover, a signed NeXT Logo booklet, a signed typed letter from Steve, and more.

Hardware on offer includes an Apple keyboard signed by Steve Wozniak, an Apple IIe prototype, a Macintosh computer, a special edition first-generation iPod Classic, and a twentieth anniversary Macintosh. Heck, there's even an Apple-produced Star Wars cassette game from 1978.

Bidding opened Monday and will run until 7 pm ET on March 17.

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