Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac appears to be having some trouble with El Capitan

The latest version of OS X, El Capitan is hitting consumers as an upgrade, but should you rely on Microsoft's Office 2016 suite of apps you may wish to hold off upgrading for now. Numerous reports have surfaced detailing issues when attempting to use Office 2016 on the latest version of OS X.

The Office 2016 suite of apps appear to have some issues with El Capitan that causes them to crash at random times. What's worse is there does't appear to be a workaround to achieve a stable experience, essentially rendering the suite (and your Mac should you rely on it for productivity tools) useless.

Microsoft is well aware of the issue and has been patching to ensure compatibility, but issues still remain. If you happen to be experiencing problems, do join in the discussion over on Microsoft Answers.

Source: Microsoft Answers, Via: Thurrott

Rich Edmonds