Miitopia party members: How many party members can I have?

Miitopia Horse
Miitopia Horse (Image credit: iMore)

Miitopia party members: How many party members can I have?

Best answer: You can have up to 10 party members in Miitopia, but only four can be used in battle at one time.

Build your own adventure

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure with your friends? And not like a typical hike or a walk through the park adventure; we're talking like, fight a demon lord and save the world type of adventure. In Miitopia, you can do just that! In this DIY adventure, you create every character you encounter, which means you can add friends, family, popular musicians, fictional characters, or made-up creations to your party and watch them fight, argue, and become the best of friends, all while stopping a world-ending threat. Just like in real life!

Those looking forward to crafting their own adventure might be interested in how many party members can be brought along for the ride. Well, we have your answer — you can create up to 100 Miis and have up to 10 party members. However, you can only use four party members at a time (not counting your trusty steed, of course).

Speaking of your steed, the Horse is the newest addition to Miitopia and is found fairly early in the game. While the Horse can be bonded with any other party member, you won't be able to control it in battle. It will carry a Mii or two while you explore and will occasionally assist in battle, depending on how strong your bond is. However, it will not have a turn of its own.

The power of friendship

Miitopia Personalities Cool

Miitopia Personalities Cool (Image credit: iMore)

In Miitopia, you can edit just about any character's face to make them look like anyone you want, and that includes the party members who join your adventure. With few exceptions, you'll always find yourself with up to four party members in battle. You will eventually have ten party members join your adventure. Using the Inn, you'll also keep all of the other Miis you create on reserve, so they can be swapped in and out at your leisure. Eventually, the Inn will be able to hold up to 100 Miis.

Miitopia arrived late in the 3DS life and was overshadowed by the arrival of the Nintendo Switch. However, this new port gives Miitopia another chance at the spotlight and could pave the way for many other 3DS games that deserve Switch ports. Miitopia has the potential to be one of the best RPGs on the Nintendo Switch, but if you're still not convinced, why try the demo for yourself?

Miitopia arrives on the Nintendo Switch on May 21.

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