TiPb Give-Away: Martha Stewart's Everyday Food: Fresh & Easy Recipes

Martha Stewart's Everyday Food: Fresh & Easy Recipes [$0.99 - iTunes Link] has a great variety of recipe choices, simple-to-apply shopping, and an ingredient search tool, so you don't have to make chicken casserole for dinner for the 6th night in a row...

What you get is all of recipes from Martha's Everyday Food magazine in one app. Daily easy dinner selection's make the hassle of choosing what to eat each a little easier. The search tool can be organized by ingredients, manner of cooking and holiday. You can also share your favorite recipes with your friends.

You may find ziplist and the advertising a bit out of place for a paid for application but the recipes are of Martha Stewart's caliber.

Now for the give-away! We have two (2) promo codes for TiPb readers, so if you want to try out this app for FREE just let us know why you'd like Martha's help in the comments! Give-away starts now and ends Thursday March 25 at 12pm PT. Promo Codes require a US App Store account (Apple's rule, not ours). They also expire, so if you win, redeem quickly!


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