Minisquadron Side Scrolling Shooter for iPhone

Minisquadron, a 2d airplane shooter and my new passion for gaming 2.99 [itunes link].

If you ever enjoyed games like 1942 then you will love this game. Freaking sharks and freaking laser beams ! Yes the game has it all. If you have ever wondered what it feels like to be shot down by a giant panda airplane, well then this game is a must (btw, it's pretty humiliating ;) ).

Minisquadron Panda

In minisquadon you fly around and try to shoot down enemy planes, to complete a level. The control of the game is smooth and intuitive. With one area on the right for shooting and another area on the left for flying the plane.

Minisquadron shooting2

As you complete the levels you also unlock enemy planes that then join your squadron as planes you are able to play.

Minisqaudron planes

If you get shot down, the enemy plane who shot you down gets a shout out. You also get shot outs when you have killed a lot of enemies or if you have unlocked a new plane.

Minisquadron Gloryshot

The game has over 8 levels which increase in difficulty and tons of replay value due to the fun levels and unlocking of new planes. You can unlock a variety of different planes with various arsenal, some of which are ufos, pitch forks and a shark.

Minisqaudron map

If you have not yet tried it, this will definitely be one of your favourite games.


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