MOFT introduces new mobile work solutions for MacBook and iPad

Moft Smart Desk Mat Render
Moft Smart Desk Mat Render (Image credit: MOFT)

What you need to know

  • MOFT unveiled a new cooling version of the Invisible Laptop Stand, a new Smart Desk Mat, and Snap Tablet Case & Stand Set for iPad mini 6.
  • The iPad mini case and stand are available January 17, cooling Invisible Laptop Stands are coming in March, and Smart Desk Mat later in Spring 2022.
  • The iPad mini case and stands start at $34 and up, Smart Desk Mat retails for $100, and price TBA for the cooling Invisible Laptop Stand.

MOFT, a mobile work lifestyle brand, has unveiled some new products at CES 2022 that are geared to make working in the office, home, or on the road easier than ever. The company, known for its Invisible Laptop Stand, is launching a new lineup of cooling laptop stands for both Mac and PC, the MOFT Smart Desk Mat, and Snap Tablet Case for iPad mini 6.

Moft Cooling Invisible Laptop Stand

Moft Cooling Invisible Laptop Stand (Image credit: MOFT)

While the Invisible Laptop Stand is one of MOFT's most popular products, the company has re-envisioned this stand with brand new cooling features. The new version uses an innovative graphene-mano-carbon-copper composite, which helps cool down laptops by reducing the surface heat by 5-10 degrees Celsius. The PC version of the new cooling Invisible Laptop Stand also has an open airflow design, making it perfect for laptops with underside vents. Both the Mac and PC versions support laptops up to 16-inches and attach discreetly to the bottom, and are adjustable to elevated angles of 2-3 degrees for optimized viewing angles and working posture. They fold out easily when you need it and fold back in just as quickly. The stands use reusable and residue-free adhesive, so you can take them off and put them back on as necessary. The cooling laptop stands will be available in March, with prices TBA.

Moft Smart Desk Mat Lifestyle

Moft Smart Desk Mat Lifestyle (Image credit: MOFT)

The next big release from MOFT is the Smart Desk Mat. This is an all-in-one solution that combines a desk mat, stand, and a memo board into a single product. With the Smart Desk Mat, you can have your best MacBook, favorite iPhone, preferred iPad of choice, and any memos or notes tidy and accessible in one place. The Smart Desk Mat has an angle-adjustable inclined surface and modular magnetic accessories, which allow all of your work tools to be lifted and organized as you see fit. A built-in stand supports three angles (25-, 45-, and 60-degrees) for laptop and tablet viewing, and you can use the magnetic accessories to prop them up simultaneously. Two NFC hotspots on the Smart Desk Mat can be customized for personal settings or quick access to apps. You can also purchase a separate cushion and choose between the Digital or Paper set.

Accessories for the Smart Desk Mat include the Tablet Holder, Wireless Charging Pad, Cable Organizers, Book Holder Set, Memo Holders, Apple Watch Holder, and Snap Phone Sticker. It's made with vegan leather and fiberglass materials, weighs 55.6 ounces, and is only 0.3-inches thick for maximum portability. The Smart Desk Mat comes in three colors: Night Black, Oxford Blue, and Sienna Brown. It launches in Spring 2022 for $99.99, but you can pre-order it right now on IndieGoGo with an Early Bird price of $84.

Moft Snap Tablet Case Mini Stand Set

Moft Snap Tablet Case Mini Stand Set (Image credit: MOFT)

Finally, MOFT is launching the Snap Tablet Case & Stand Set for the iPad mini 6. This set features a protective hard case and a snap-on magnetic stand, which extends the use cases for the iPad mini. The Snap Tablet Case has built-in magnets that allow MOFT's Snap-on accessories to easily and securely attach to the back of the case for versatility and portability. With the Snap Tablet Stand mini, you get six viewing angles in portrait, landscape, and even floating modes. The different viewing angles let you easily change the angle for optimal note-taking, drawing, or video conferencing.

MOFT will also be launching a mini version of the signature iPad Float that will work with the Snap Tablet Case. These three products will be launching on January 17 directly from The Snap Tablet Case and Snap Tablet Stand mini set will cost $58, or $39 and $34, respectively. The Snap Float Stand mini will retail for $35.

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