MOFT launches MagSafe compatible Snap-on Stand & Wallet for iPhone 12 at CES 2021

Moft Snap On Stand Wallet Desk
Moft Snap On Stand Wallet Desk (Image credit: MOFT)

What you need to know

  • MOFT's Snap-on Stand & Wallet attaches via MagSafe.
  • It features multiple viewing angles and can hold up to three cards.
  • You can purchase it today for $30, or from $35 if you want to include some Magnetic Sticky Pads to use with it.

MOFT, the brand that labels itself as "Mobile Office for Travelers," has unveiled its Snap-on Stand & Wallet for the iPhone 12 series. This accessory is a combination of a phone stand and wallet that attaches magnetically to your iPhone 12, with or without a case.

Moft Snap On Stand Wallet Landscape

Moft Snap On Stand Wallet Landscape (Image credit: MOFT)

This new MOFT accessory uses the patented MOFT snap-on phone stand design that provides additional grippiness to your device, as well as premium performance. The stand features three 60-degree viewing modes in Portrait, Landscape, and even a "Floating" mode that works wonderfully for all of those Zoom conference calls.

With the double-sided magnetic design, you can snap your iPhone 12 anywhere that you like, as long as it's a metallic surface. If not, you could attach some of MOFT's Magnetic Sticky Pads to cover those places where magnets won't work. This is especially useful if you want to use your iPhone 12 for exercise, bath time, or as a cooking companion in the kitchen.

Moft Snap On Stand Wallet Pocket

Moft Snap On Stand Wallet Pocket (Image credit: MOFT)

The MOFT Snap-on Stand & Wallet is made of soft vegan leather. It can snap onto the back of your iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max, and it folds into a stand while also carrying up to three cards. It won't interfere with your MagSafe charger, and once it is attached, you won't feel or remember that it's there.

Moft Snap On Stand Wallet Sticky Pad

Moft Snap On Stand Wallet Sticky Pad (Image credit: MOFT)

MOFT's Snap-on Stand & Wallet comes in four colors: Night Black, Sienna Brown, Oxford Blue, and Ash Grey. It is available now for $29.99 at You can also purchase the stand with one or two Magnetic Sticky Pads from $34.99 and $39.99, respectively.

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