Monday Fun Video: Twit-A-Run Augmented Reality Twitter UI

Augmented reality applications, where live streaming video is overlaid with data in real-time, is coming with iPhone 3.1, and here's a demo Twitter client to show yet another example about how this may be the next great killer app, or the next great killed-by-hype. Either way, we have only one question: is this how Skynet and the Matrix will find and terminate Twitter users first?

Rene Ritchie

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  • Am I the only one who can figure out WTH is going on here?
  • can -> can't
  • Click on the augmented reality link in the description for further clarification.
  • @Renkman, all it does is show past stories on TiPb.
    As best I can figure it, you hold it up and stalk people on your list. As you Look west you see who is to your west.
    The big question I have is who, precisely, wants to be stalked, or who want's their friends to know exactly where they are all moments, and which friends they are with at that instant?
    Parents might want to watch their kids, but the kids will turn that off in a heartbeat.
  • @Bones, I'm not really sure what is happening there either. The guy is looking at trees or something and twitter icons are popping up. Seems much easier to just look at my feed instead of holding up the iPhone do do that stuff. I guess those are nearby people or something.
  • don't see the purpose in this when SOO many other BASIC feats on the iPhone need improving
  • @icebike, Augmented reality uses the device's GPS, camera and digital compass to overlay real-time data onto live video. The link in the story does go to past stories--where there are other examples of the potential of this concept. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing privacy settings will be in place with the finished product that prevents it from simply being a avenue for stalking people.
  • Currently many Twitter apps have a "local" button that shows a list view of Twitter users who shared their location and happen to be in your area. This is pretty much the same thing but instead of a classical list view, the users are shown overlaid on live video in the direction of their location.
    It's a fancy presentation format, no more, no less. For some things, it will add enough context and richness to be of great benefit. In others, it will be sizzle over substance and more annoying and distracting than anything else.
    The same privacy settings that already cover Twitter location will likely cover this with no changes necessary (just don't choose to share your exact location).