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It's not a Nintendo Switch game if there isn't some good ol' amiibo support. While less ambitious in their offerings as they used to be, these little figures often grant players who invested some bonuses. In Monster Hunter Rise, it's no different.

How do I use amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise?

  1. Visit a Merchant. You can head to the Market, run by Kagero the Merchant, in the Kamura Village square. Kagero sells items that can be useful on hunts and can be found standing directly opposite Hinoa the Quest Maiden. You can also visit Maido the Merchant, the purr-ecious Felyne sitting to the left of Minoto the Hub Maiden in the Gathering Hub.

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  2. Select "Read amiibo".

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  3. Touch the amiibo of your choice to the NFC reader on your controller. For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, the NFC reader is located atop the right analog stick. On Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, the NFC reader can be found on the Nintendo Switch icon in the middle of the controller. If you can't find it, don't worry! An image illustrating where you should place the amiibo will appear. Still, make sure that the controller you're using is amiibo compatible. All official Nintendo controllers can read amiibo, but not all third-party controllers can.

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  4. Select "amiibo Lottery". You will be shown what kind of amiibo you're using, and the grand prize available for anyone who wins the lottery. Any amiibo that are not specific to Monster Hunter Rise will be labeled as "Support" amiibo.

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  5. Cross your fingers and hope you win! If you're a winner, you'll get a "Bingo!" message and will be shown what you've won. You can choose to take individual prizes, take all prizes at once or sell them.

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Although I suppose it is theoretically possible, I've never lost the amiibo Lottery myself. You can play the amiibo Lottery three times a day, so this is your chance to get some items that will help your hunts if you're ever running low! If you're new to Monster Hunter Rise, don't forget to check out our Tips and Tricks guide for new and returning hunters!

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