Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak announced for Summer 2022

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Nintendo revealed a major expansion for Monster Hunter Rise called Sunbreak.
  • This expansion, which is called "massive," will launch sometime in Summer 2022.
  • We're getting new stories, new monsters, and a new quest rank.

The very first thing revealed at today's Nintendo Direct was a "massive expansion" for Monster Hunter Rise called Sunbreak. This new expansion will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC in Summer 2022. Nintendo has also revealed what kinds of things players can expect when the game does launch.

The initial trailer showed what was presumably one of the new monsters, a massive dragon, attacking a Rathalos, underneath a blood-red sky. Another promotional image shows the Hunter and their Palamute getting ready to face off against that same dragon. Capcom describes this scenario as "an eerie new setting serves as a backdrop to a menacing new monster." It appears to be an Elder Dragon, though we've already seen a couple of those in Rise already.

In a follow-up tweet, Nintendo revealed that the game will contain "New stories, new locales, new monsters, new hunting actions, [and] new quest rank." Capcom has also revealed that the expansion will have a new storyline, the first since Rise's last update gave the game's main story an ending.

There's no other new information about the game, other than a tentative release date. However, since Capcom also revealed that the expansion would be coming to PC, that presumably means that the game will be launched on PC sometime before then. That's in keeping with the general release window we've heard about previously. The trailer adds that you'll need Rise to play this game, which hopefully we all took as read.

Rachel Kaser