AirPowerSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Zagg has teased an AirPower-like charging mat at CES.
  • The company plans to release the product by the end of the year.
  • If true, it will mean that Zagg has succeeded where Apple had failed.

Zagg has teased that the company may have succeeded where Apple has failed. Reported by Bloomberg, the company has designed a wireless charger with the capabilities of Apple's canceled AirPower product.

According to Zagg, the product will have the ability to charge an iPhone or other Qi-enabled devices without the owner having to place them in a specific place on the charger - it will charge each device no matter where you place it on the mat.

Brad Bell, marketing executive at Zagg, says the company plans to release the wireless charger under its Mophie brand by the end of this year. While no formal announcement has been made, Bell explained that the company is meeting with retailers about the device this week at CES.

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Zagg is also researching far-field charging technology that would allow device owners to charge their phones or other devices while being feet away from the charger itself. Though an exciting prospect for the future, Zagg says that this technology is still years away from being available to consumers.

If this charger is real, it would mean that Zagg has succeeded where Apple has failed. Apple had announced the AirPower wireless charger back in 2017, claiming that you could charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time, no matter where each was placed on the charging mat. After over a year of silence after teasing the product, Apple quietly canceled it, saying that they were unable to solve overheating issues.

We have all been waiting for someone to bring something like AirPower to the market and, according to Zagg, it sounds like we might finally get it.