Mophie releases three new Apple exclusive Powerstation battery packs

Mophie Fast Charge Universal Powerstation Batteries
Mophie Fast Charge Universal Powerstation Batteries (Image credit: Mophie)

What you need to know

  • Mophie has released three new Powerstation battery packs.
  • The new battery packs feature USB-C, Lightning, and wireless charging.
  • All three are exclusive to and Apple stores.

Mophie, one of the most popular brands behind charging, has just released three new battery packs to their lineup. All three are, as announced in the company's press release, only available at, select Apple stores, and at Mophie's own website.

All three Powerstations come with the ability to charge them with a lightning cable, with the majority having one actually built into the battery pack itself. They all include a traditional USB-A port as well to charge all of the devices that aren't quite upgraded to USB-C yet. A four-dot LED light alerts you to the current level of charge, and each is lightweight enough to throw in a bag and take it along with you. All of those similarities aside, there are some valid differences between these chargers that make them unique.

Mophie Powerstation Pd

Mophie Powerstation Pd (Image credit: Mophie)

The first is the Powerstation, which sports a 6000mAh battery that can give you iPhone over 32 hours worth of extra battery life. It is the only of the three chargers to also feature an 18W fast-charging USB-C port that can charge an iPhone to 50% battery in under thirty minutes. You can also charge two devices at one time by plugging one into the USB-C port and another into the USB-A port. The Powestation features a fabric and TPU finish to give it a textured but grippy feel.

Mophie Powerstation Plus

Mophie Powerstation Plus (Image credit: Mophie)

The second that dropped today is the Powerstation Plus, which is also a 6000mAh battery pack but is the first to feature a built-in Lightning cable to charge the battery pack when you need to. The cable is well protected under a hidden flap on the bottom of the battery. This battery pack also offers 18W fast-charging, but does it through the integrated Lightning port. You can charge multiple devices by plugging one device into the built-in Lightning port and another using the USB-A port. This model opts for a "high-gloss top surface and metallic perimeter" to give the Powerstation Plus a more premium, durable feel.

Mophie Powerstation Plus Xl Wireless

Mophie Powerstation Plus Xl Wireless (Image credit: Mophie)

The last battery pack launched is the Powerstation Plus XL, which increases the battery power to 8000mAh. The Plus XL includes all of the features of the previously mentioned Powerstation Plus, but with one key difference: wireless charging. This model has an integrated Qi-enabled wireless charging pad on the top of the battery, which allows you to charge your iPhone or AirPods by simply placing your device on top of the battery pack. You can also charge multiple devices at once on this model by using both the wireless charging pad and the USB-A port at the same time.

The Powerstation, Powerstation Plus, and Powerstation Plus XL are available now from Apple and Mophie:

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