Mophie Snap Magsafe AccessoriesSource: Mophie

What you need to know

  • Mophie has announced an entire lineup of new MagSafe accessories.
  • There's even an adapter for using MagSafe with non-iPhone 12 models.

Mophie has today announced a new range of MagSafe accessories going by the name of Snap. Comprising of a full seven different accessories, the lineup is all about those magnets – but despite supporting 15W wireless charging, iPhones can only charge at 7.5W.

That's a major downside of not using 'real' MagSafe technology, but beyond that, these accessories do look pretty sweet and the pricing seems more than reasonable. The lineup includes a vent mount for your car, a battery pack, and more. All featuring the telltale Mophie aesthetic that we enjoy so much.

"The snap ecosystem from mophie really improves the wireless charging experience," said Charlie Quong, vice president of product development at mophie. "The snap accessories align with the MagSafe feature of the iPhone 12, making charging a snap every time. The snap ecosystem also brings the magnetic mounting function to other Qi-charging smartphones, including older iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy, and more via the snap adapter included with all snap accessories."

The full lineup reads:

  • snap vent mount ($29.95)
  • snap+ wireless charger ($34.95)
  • snap+ wireless vent mount ($49.95)
  • snap+ juice pack mini ($49.95)
  • snap+ wireless stand ($59.95)
  • snap+ powerstation stand ($69.95)
  • snap adapter ($19.95)

That last one is an interesting affair because it takes MagSafe-like connectivity and charging and brings it to other devices. And yes, that includes Android devices. Blasphemy!

Easily upgrade your existing device to take advantage of the latest tech with the snap adapter. Two included metallic rings add magnetic hold to any Qi-enabled smartphone. The magnetic rings also mean instant compatibility with all snap and snap+ accessories by mophie. The snap adapter kit is sold separately (includes two rings), while each product in the snap ecosystem includes one in-box snap adapter ring.

You can see the full lineup over on the Mophie website right now.

Of course, anyone wanting real MagSafe will need an iPhone 12 – these are some of the best iPhone 12 deals you'll find.