Moshi introduces the new Codex case for the Retina MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Popular accessory maker Moshi is back, with a pair of new protective cases for the Retina MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. The cases are the second generation in Moshi's Codex line of MacBook cases and will be available for both sizes of MacBook Air, and both sizes of Retina MacBook Pro.

The Codex cases are tailored to fit the MacBook, with the interiors insulated with memory foam, and the exteriors taking on a brushed metal appearance while being water resistant. The new versions come with a new new binding for added durability, and a curved design to maintain the lowest profile possible. When opened up, all ports on whichever MacBook you own are full available, so there's no need to remove it from the case to use it.

Something like this would be handy to have while travelling, and the new Codex cases are fully TSA approved so the laptop doesn't need to come out of the case when going through airport security.

The Codex will be available in Steel Black and Brushed Aluminum finishes for the two 13-inch MacBooks, and in Steel Black for the 11-inch Air and 15-inch Retina. Prices start at $70 for the 11-inch, to $75 for the 13-inch and $80 for the largest 15-inch case. No availability information is available at this time, but let us know what you think. Travellers in particular, does something like the new Codex appeal to you to look after your MacBook on your travels?

Richard Devine

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