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Mothers Day
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Whether you're buying a gift for your own mother or the mother of your children, you want her to know she's special. Whether she's into tech or not, we've got some great ideas here that any mother would enjoy. I'm a mom myself, and I either own and love or would love to own everything on this list.

Show Mom you love her

This Mother's Day, make the mom or moms in your life feel extra-special with a thoughtful gift. I love my Apple Watch, but it's the kind of thing that I probably would never have bought for myself if I didn't write about tech for a living. I definitely take advantage of its fitness and health features. Still, it's the little things that charm me: paging my iPhone when I've misplaced it, using it as a camera remote, the timer while cooking, weather at a glance, and never missing a call or text from my family. And, I love the way it looks, especially with my collection of beautiful bands like Wearlizer's Rhinestone X-Link Apple Watch Band.

I don't know of a woman on this earth that wouldn't appreciate a gorgeous pair of diamond stud earrings. If the big ones are in the budget, go for it, but even the smaller ones will sparkle and delight.

Having been both the mother of small children and now adult children myself, I can tell you that whatever gift you decide to give, the best gift of all is time. If you're the partner giving a gift to the mother of your young children, make her a special breakfast and then take charge of the kids for a while. Give her some time to herself. If you're the adult giving a gift to your own mother, there is nothing on this earth she'd like more from you than time with YOU.

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