Mous unveils new lineup of MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12 accessories

Mous Magsafe
Mous Magsafe (Image credit: Mous)

What you need to know

  • Mous has unveiled new MagSafe-compatible accessories for iPhone 12.
  • That includes new cases and a MagSafe wallet.
  • There is also a new Charging dock and stand.

Mous has this month unveiled a lineup of brand new MagSafe compatible accessories for the iPhone 12

Many of the best MagSafe accessories include charging stands and cases, and Mous' new lineup is no different. In a press release the company stated:

Welcome to Mous's MagSafe Compatible range of cases and accessories! Known for its years of magnetic development and innovation, Mous has responded to Apple's MagSafe range with a real bang. Mous is committed to developing best-in-class products in response to real customer problems and in the context of the fast-changing landscape of tech design. With a wealth of direct experience, the brand felt best placed to give its customers cases that are both MagSafe compatible and offer real, superior protection. And so, Limitless 4.0 and Infinity were born!

The new accessories include the Mous Limitless 4.0 case, the Mous Infinity case, the Mous Card Wallet, and a Mous charger dock and charger stand, all compatible with MagSafe and the iPhone 12.

The Limitless 4.0 is Mous' thinnest case yet, with AiroShock technology to absorb impact, whilst being thin enough to remain compatible with all your other MagSafe accessories. The Mous Infinity case is similar but made of crystal clear plastic so people can still see the aesthetic of your phone.

The Mous Card Wallet is its own answer to the Apple MagSafe wallet, but has a cool horizontal, rather than vertical card opening, and will work with both Mous' own cases, other MagSafe cases, and an iPhone with no case at all.

Finally, there are two new charging accessories, a MagSafe compatible charger dock to hold the Apple MagSafe charger, as well as a stand so you can hold that same charger vertically.

Mous' cases weigh in at $59.99 and $54.99 respectively, the wallet is $49.99, and the charger accessories are $24.99 and $29.99 respectively. All of these are available from Mous for all sizes of iPhone now:

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