Take One is a new digital movie clapperboard for the iPad. It is designed to assist with keeping track of your footage and syncing audio with video.

Whether you’re filming your awesome road trip or making the next big-budget blockbuster, Take One is the simplest and easiest digital movie slate to work with.

  • Kill the cluster: Managing your slates is child’s play. All the controls are straightforward and located at the top of each slate, for quick and easy access.
  • Prepare yourself: Have as many slates as you want. Flick through them rapidly, slide to take a peek of the one behind, or find them from a single list in case you have a lot. As you choose from the list, the slates will automatically switch to your selection for faster viewing.
  • Camera friendly: The Day Mode is perfect for outdoor and well-lit scenes; shooting inside in a dim room is a different story. Simply switch from Day to Night Mode and the slates will turn black with a white font, avoiding unwanted glare from the white screen.
  • Single-tap editing: Modifying your slate is super easy. Simply tap on the scene, roll, or take numbers and Take One will automatically add +1 to the existing number. Double-tap to add lettering. If you need to reset the scene or enter a new name, just hit the edit button.
  • Audio:*? Choose between the traditional clap, or a loud 2 kHz beep.
  • Frame rate: You can set the FPS (Frames Per Second) rate freely from 1 to 99.
  • Color check: Making sure your camera is correctly color-balanced is just one tap away.
  • Timecode: Set your timecode to the current time of the day, or start from zero.
  • Automatic font styling: Type in your data and the text will set itself to all-caps for better clarity and readability.
  • Safe zone: Swipe at the top or bottom of the slate to switch between projects. The center is less sensitive so you can avoid accidental swipes while holding the app.

Take One - Movie Clapperboard for iPad is available for $2.99.

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