Movo launches new phone lenses and wireless conferencing mic system at CES 2021

Movo MC-2000
Movo MC-2000 (Image credit: Movo)

What you need to know

  • Movo is launching a new collection of smartphone lenses - the SPL Series, and it will contain a Super Fisheye, Wide Angle, and Telephoto lens.
  • Each lens will cost $39.95 and they're universal with all smartphones thanks to a clip.
  • Movo's other product launches include a new wireless conferencing microphone system and an aluminum tripod for $249.95 and $49.95, respectively.

Movo, a company that is known for photography, videography, and audio accessories for content creators, has announced some new products this week for CES 2021.

The first product in the lineup are the Movo SPL Smartphone Lens Series. This collection features three different, high-quality, and totally universal lenses that work with any smartphone thanks to a universal clip. That means these lenses are compatible with the best iPhone and best Android devices. Each lens offers the user a dynamic and unique perspective for every photo: fisheye, telephoto, and wide angle. These Movo SPL lenses will safely and conveniently attach to any smartphone camera system with the clip.

Movo SPL Wide Angle Lens

Movo SPL Wide Angle Lens (Image credit: Movo)

The SPL Series lenses includes the following: Super Fisheye with 238-degree field-of-view, Telephoto with 3X zoom perspective, and Wide Angle with 18-mm perspective. All lenses are $39.95 each and can be bought from Movo's website by the end of January 2021.

Movo's mission is to make sure that every creator has access to high quality products at accessible prices. The SPL lenses further this goal by helping users get the most out of their new expensive smartphone cameras, users can easily add a 3 X zoom or fisheye perspective with just a "click," then go back to their regular setup just as easy. WIth the SPL lens series users can upgrade their expensive smartphone camera to the ultimate creator camera with just a "snap," all without breaking the bank.

Another product coming from Movo is the new MC2000 Wireless Boundary Conferencing Microphone System. This features a low-profile 2.4-GHz wireless desktop microphone and wireless receiver. It is compatible with your computer thanks to plug-and-play, so no drivers are needed. It has broadcast-quality audio that captures 360-degree sound, covering a 10-meter radius. There is noise-cancelling technology as well, making this a great microphone to use during conferences. The MC2000 costs $249.95 and will also be available direct from Movo's website by the end of January.

To top it all off, Movo is also releasing the MV-T5 Full-Size Aluminum Tripod. This is a perfect accessory for pretty much any setup. You can get the MV-T5 Aluminum Tripod for $49.95 directly from Movo by the end of the month.

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