Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves review: Better but less unique

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves
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Bottom line: Full-palm capacity, a better fit, a warmer glove, and that thumb stitch issue fixed. These are the only winter gloves you'll ever need.


  • +

    Fixed last year's thumb stitch issue

  • +

    Better overall fit

  • +

    New insulation for more warmth

  • +

    Silicon grip lines


  • -

    Backside is no longer touch-capacitive

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Every year, Mujjo has gone back to the drawing board and tweaked the design of its Insulated Touchscreen Gloves, taking user feedback into account, and trying to provide the best experience possible. This time around, they fixed the only flaw I saw in last year's model, but made one unusual change that I cant, for the life of me, understand why.

Swipe clean

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves: The features

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves (Image credit: iMore)

Mujjo's touchscreen gloves are all pretty amazing, whether you're wearing leather, knit, or their best-selling insulated gloves. What makes them stand out in the crowded (and sometimes cheap) touchscreen capacitive glove space is that they support more than just the first finger and the thumb. In the case of this third iteration, the entire front of the glove is touch-capacitive, from the fingertips to the palm (I say, "this iteration" because they used to be all-over touch capacitive, but more on that later). So if your fingers are occupied, you can use the palm of the glove to swipe up, sideways, down, or whatever.

In terms of fit and comfort, you can think of the Insulated Touchscreen Gloves as similar to Isotoners in that they are form-fitting and use a stretchy material to "hug" your hand.

The outer layer is made using a triple-layer stretchy material that is flexible and strong. It's designed to combat wind, so even on a blustery day, your hands are protected. There are patterned grips of "sticky" silicone on the fingers and thumb, designed specifically to match the way most people hold their phones. The grips help ensure a tight hold on your phone, even during those times when your fingers are clumsy.

Inside, this year's model uses Polar fleece, which Mujjo says improves overall insulation. However, I found last year's fleece insulation to be perfectly fine. So it's difficult for me to notice any difference between the two.

Capacitive collective

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves: What I like

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves (Image credit: iMore)

Last year's model had this singular flaw that I struggled with. The thumb would lose touch-capacitive support right where the seams met. I use my thumb a lot on my touch screens, so this was a notable flaw. This year, however, Mujjo fixed it, so the entire thumb is touch capacitive and works flawlessly. I never saw a drop out when scrolling with my thumb.

I noticed that this year's model seems to fit my small hands much better than last year's. It may be due to the inner lining filling up more space. These gloves fit my hands nearly perfectly, and that's a rarity in any glove. I still have a bit of space between my finger and the tip of the glove, but that's not unusual for form-fitting gloves. My fingers are a little short. They definitely feel more comfortable than last year's model.

I love the way the grip pattern zeros in on specific parts of the hand, focusing additional grip near the pad below your thumb and the outer edge of your palm near the pinky. Hold your phone in your hand right now and you'll see that this is a fairly accurate positioning of the grip (for most people).

Loses originality

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves: What I don't like

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves (Image credit: iMore)

The Insulated Touchscreen Gloves used to be all-over touch capacitive. I mean all over, including the backside. I could use my knuckles to swipe. Maybe I had a lucky unusual pair that was touch-capacitive on the back though wasn't supposed to be? All I know is that this made Mujjo's gloves unique. I honestly never used the backside of the glove to swipe, but I liked knowing that every single stitch of the glove was touch capacitive.

Now, only half of the glove is touch capacitive, which is still very special, but I'm a bit disappointed if I'm being honest.


Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves: Conclusion

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves (Image credit: iMore)

Now that the problem with the thumb seam is fixed, Mujjo's Insulated Touchscreen Gloves are pretty much perfect in every way. If you need something even warmer — if you live in extremely cold climates beyond just some snow in winter, take a look at the Double-Insulated Touchscreen Gloves for a second layer of wind-resistant, double-bonded Microfleece at about $56.

Though I'm disappointed to see that touch capacity has been relegated to just the front panel (that is, the fingers, the palm, and the entirety of the thumb, front and back), these really are still the best touchscreen gloves you can buy and I highly recommend them for yourself and as a present for anyone in your family, touchscreen-user or not.

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