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Wiim Pro
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One of the most used pieces of tech in my listening room — ergo, a wall in my bedroom, is the Wiim Pro. It’s a streamer that hooks up to my HiFi system and then connects to my phone to play music from my best music streaming apps. It’s currently linked up to my amp and speakers, and gives a much higher quality connection than Bluetooth could even hope to achieve.

Now, there’s an option that means I don’t have to worry about connecting a streamer to an amp — Wiim has just unveiled the Wiim amp, a streamer and amplifier all in one that will save loads of space for some users.

Wiim Amp — AirPlay over speakers

A HomePod is all well and good, but compared to a pair of dedicated stereo speakers? It’s nothing. The trouble is that you need an amp to power those speakers, as they don’t have the circuitry necessary to power themselves. This is where the Wiim Amp will come in. Connect up your epic stereo speakers, and then it’s off to wireless hi-fi music-ville.

Now for some technical information (because if you’re interested, like me, then it’s fun). It’s got a D-class amplifier which outputs 60 watts per channel over 8ohm speakers, and 120 watts per channel if you’re using 4ohm speakers. There’s an RCA port on the bag for an analog input (which is always nice for a small, desktop-sized amp), an HDMI port with an Audio Return Channel, and then the aforementioned WiFi for the AirPlay connection.

The DAC inside is the industry-loved Sabre Premium DAC, so you can rest assured that the quality of audio it puts through those speakers is going to be monstrous. The Wiim Amp works with the excellent Wiim app, which I’ve found to be better than most smart speaker apps.

The Wiim amp is available to buy now for $299 at Amazon.

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