KEF makes some of the best speakers in the world — get its top-tier desktop speakers for $400 off, and more

Speaker Cyber Monday deals
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The speakers that are attached to your MacBook or stuck inside your monitor are, for lack of a better term, dreadful. Even the ones packed into a MacBook Pro 14 or 16-inch are still hollow and tinny to some degree, and by no means ideal for doing any more than watching a simple YouTube video. A pair of good desktop speakers is pretty much a must, let's be honest, particularly if you don’t want to spend all day with headphones on or in your ears.

For a better experience, you’re going to need a pair of the best desktop speakers for Mac. Something that can sit on your desk, hook up to your Mac easily, and then play those sweet, sweet sounds you’ve not been getting from your old gear. Well, Cyber Monday is (as you’ve probably already spotted), already upon us, and some great deals are lurking about to help you save money on some brand new speakers for your desk.

For one, the KEF LSX II, some of the best desktop speakers around, have a massive $400 discount. I have the passive, larger LS50 Meta — a stunning pair of speakers that pack a larger version of the same tech as these wireless speakers. They're compact, attractive, and perhaps the best audio deal of the sale.

Where to find the best Cyber Monday speaker deals

KEF LSX II |$1399$999 at Amazon

KEF LSX II | $1399 $999 at Amazon

Part incredible wireless speaker system, part design exorcise, the KEF LSX II are the baby sibling of the also reduced Kef LS50 Wireless. Those are designed more for larger spaces, where the LSX are made for desks, bookshelves, and small rooms. This $400 saving is a whopper for some seriously cool speakers that will make your music, movies, and YouTube watching sound incredible.

Price check: $999 at Best Buy | $999 at Crutchfield

More speaker Cyber Monday deals

PreSonus Eris E3.5 | $129$89 at Amazon

PreSonus Eris E3.5 | $129 $89 at Amazon

On the opposite end of the price spectrum to the LSX above, the PreSonus Eris are some rather lovely monitors. They’re not going to be as warm as other options, but they’re super musical-sounding and their small size belies some excellent soundstage. If you’re a music producer on a budget who’s short on space, then they’re an excellent option.

Price check: $99 at Best Buy | N/A at Crutchfield

Edifier MR4 | $129$79 at Amazon

Edifier MR4 | $129 $79 at Amazon

These are another pair of speakers in the budget category, but that shouldn’t put you off. I love my Edifier gear, with some epic headphones and speakers that sound great and cost less than the competition. These are compact noise makers, and all you need to do to get them working is to plug in your Mac. No Bluetooth connection mind you, so pay heed.

Price check: $179 at Best Buy | N/A at Crutchfield

Audioengine A2+ | $269$209 at Amazon

Audioengine A2+ | $269 $209 at Amazon

These are a great option in the mid-range price bracket. With 60w stereo output, these bad boys are loud and proud, and the Bluetooth connection means that they can be totally wireless. This is a super great deal price as well, saving you a massive chunk on some very nice speakers.

Price check: N/A at Best Buy | $210 at Crutchfield

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