HomePod 3 leak reveals major upgrade — Is this our first look at the HomePod with a display?

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Have you been waiting to pick up the HomePod for that long-rumored version with a display? If so, a recent HomePod 3 leak might just tempt you to wait a little longer.

Kosutami, a reputable leaker who previously showed off the FineWoven band before its official release, has leaked what appears to be the top of the HomePod 3’s display. It looks very glossy and incredibly different from previous HomePod models. Where previous models have a short clean circle with the Siri symbol inside, this display model looks different with small notches wrapping around the side and a larger display.

Though Kosutami has accurately leaked Apple products before, it’s important to note that, until we see this design officially unveiled, we can’t assume it is true. However, if it is, it’s a big upgrade that could allow HomePods to do some very cool things. To compare its potential to its competitors, Amazon’s Echo Show 10 is a home device with a display that can be used to listen to music, set timers, read news, and even watch the best shows on Apple TV Plus. We could see the HomePod 3 offering many of the same features.

What else do we know about the HomePod 3?

We don’t have an official report or leak yet on the release date of the HomePod 3 but WWDC 2024 is just around the corner so we could always hope to see it there. If so, this could mean a potential release in either September, alongside the iPhone 16, or in early 2025. This would mean a launch two years after the HomePod 2. Given the display is a huge upgrade, we could also see Apple’s home device get a price bump from the HomePod 2’s $299.

Though the display is what we expect to be the biggest change for the HomePod 3, it is worth noting that Apple AI is currently in development and we might even see a little bit of how AI will affect devices later this year. With this in mind, Apple is said to be improving its Siri capabilities substantially. To account for this, the Homepod 3 may need a Neural Engine upgrade like the iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9 received. These are the best iPhones and best Apple Watchs respectively right now, and this is partially down to those neural changes. The HomePod 3 will likely be a much more capable device and not just because of hardware upgrades.

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  • SteveFeinstein
    I see all sorts of concept renderings of screens stuck on Home Pods. But no one seems to get that the Home Pod is a 360-degree device. You can't simply graft on a screen without messing up the audio quality. It would have to either be above, or below the speakers. So how do you think Apple is going to solve that problem?

    Personally, I think they already solved that problem perfectly. No display, use your phone, or iPad. Problem really is solved. The speaker doesn't need a display. Let the speaker just speak.