Nab an Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Bluetooth Speaker for cheap this Prime Day

Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Bluetooth Speaker Lifestyle
Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Bluetooth Speaker Lifestyle (Image credit: Anker)

Regardless of if you're in your home or out enjoying the outdoors with friends, it can be nice to bring a quality speaker with you to provide fun vibes. A great choice is the Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Bluetooth Speaker, which can link up with over 100 other Mini 3s, offers great sound quality, and is currently selling at a discount for $32 at Amazon.

As is the case with just about all Prime Day deals, this discounted price won't last long. You'll want to grab a speaker or a few before the deal goes away. And while you're at it, if you're an Apple fanatic like us, you'll want to check out the best Apple Prime Day Deals as well.

Bring the party music for less

Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Bluetooth Speaker | Was $41 now $32 at Amazon

Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Bluetooth Speaker | Was $41 now $32 at Amazon

Connect this small speaker to your phone and play your music wherever you go. The battery life lasts for up to 15 hours on a single charge and you can link multiple Soundcore Mini 3 speakers together for party audio.

The Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers out there, producing clear sound quality within a small device, making it great for grabbing and going. There's even a strap on the speaker which you can use to easily tote the device around, whether that be by hooking it on your backpack, carrying it around on your finger, or strapping it to something.

There's even a specific Soundcore App that allows you to adjust the speaker's settings from your phone. It employs Bluetooth 5.0 making for strong connections between the speaker and your phone. It can run for roughly 15 hours before needing a recharge. Thankfully, it supports fast charging to help you get back to partying when you do need a recharge.

If you have multiple Mini 3 speakers together or other compatible Soundcore speakers, you can connect them using PartyCast. This allows your phone to cast the same music to multiple speakers within an area. In fact, over 100 Mini 3 speakers can be linked together at once.

This deal won't last long, so if you're interested make sure to grab a speaker or a few to help with your upcoming social events. Or, if it's not so much a speaker you're after but a pair of nifty headphones, look no further than some of the best Prime Day AirPods Deals — the Apple earbuds and headphones are at some of their lowest prices right now.

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