Best Prime Day AirPods Deals: Grab a pair of Apple's headphones for less before Amazon's sale event begins

Amazon Prime Day 2024
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We love AirPods here at iMore — they are one of the most versatile lines of headphones around, after all. There's a pair for everyone, from the budget AirPods 2 up to the super-premium AirPods Max. There is just one problem with the whole thing: The high prices that Apple's headphones tend to command.

Thankfully, there are plenty of deals to be had throughout the year, and some of the best are usually found over Amazon's annual savings event, Prime Day. We're expecting some massive discounts this year, but there are already some solid discounts before the exact dates have been announced for the upcoming sale in July.

We'll be tracking all the best Prime Day Apple deals as they happen throughout the event. Meanwhile, we've found some excellent savings on AirPods that you can grab below right now.

AirPods Prime Day sales at a glance

Best Prime Day AirPods deals

AirPods 2 | $129$79 at Amazon

AirPods 2 | $129 $79 at Amazon

This is the lowest price ever for the AirPods 2, with a massive $50 saving. That's a great deal for the budget AirPods, and a good way of getting some in your pocket — or even a spare pair in a drawer.

Price check: $109 at B&H Photo | $79 at Best Buy

AirPods Pro 2 |$249$189 at Amazon

AirPods Pro 2 | $249 $189 at Amazon

Apple's AirPods Pro 2 remain our favorite pair of AirPods, and this deal is tantalizingly close to their lowest price ever. We're hoping that Prime Day brings that price down even further.

Price check: $229 at B&H Photo | $189 at Best Buy

AirPods Max |$549$449 at Amazon

AirPods Max | $549 $449 at Amazon

This price is very close to the lowest price ever, but we're hoping to see a more precipitous drop when Prime Day rolls around. $100 off is nothing to sniff at though, and it's still a great saving if you want a pair right now.

Price check: $529 at B&H Photo | $529 at Best Buy

AirPods 3 |$179$169 at Amazon

AirPods 3 | $179 $169 at Amazon

This price isn't the lowest by any stretch of the imagination on the AirPods 3, and it's worth waiting to see if it drops more over Prime Day. If you want to buy these now, though, you should go to B&H Photo.

Price check: $159 at B&H Photo | $169 at Best Buy


When is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is an annual event, towards the start of the summer season. We already know that the sale is going to happen in July this year, although we're not entirely sure of the exact dates of the sale.

Last year it was on 11-12 of July, so we're expecting something similar this year.

Do I need an Amazon Prime account

The best deals of the Prime Day sale are reserved for Amazon Prime members — but fret not, you can get a free trial of Prime so that you can get the deals without having to pay anything. It's 30 days long, and you can easily cancel it when you're done so that you don't get charged.

30-day free Prime trial

30-day free Prime trial

Grabbing a free trial of Amazon Prime will give you access to Prime Day sales without having to pay for membership. Just remember that you can't get a trial if you've already had one.

What Apple deals can I expect over Prime Day?

There are always deals on more than just AirPods — expect some great prices on the likes of MacBooks, iPhones, and more. 

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