Nanoleaf offers up a work from home lighting playlist and 15% off panels

Nanoleaf Light Panels installed in a home office setting
Nanoleaf Light Panels installed in a home office setting (Image credit: Nanoleaf)

What you need to know

  • Nanoleaf has shared a work from home playlist designed to help with working from home.
  • Scenes in the playlist utilize the company's light panels to energize, or calm.
  • Various lighting kits and expansions are also discounted by 15%.

Nanoleaf has gotten into the work from home spirit by recently sharing a special playlist of light scenes dedicated to the company's light panels. The playlist, which can be found now from within the Nanoleaf app, is comprised of 6 scenes that can help owners stay focused, energized, and calm, or just resemble some office staples.

Nanoleaf Work From Home Playlist Screenshots

Nanoleaf Work From Home Playlist Screenshots (Image credit: Christopher Close / iMore)

The first three scenes all use various shades of white, blues, yellows, and even red to assist during your workday routine. Scenes like Calm Dawn are used to help with beginning your day, while others like Splash of Light use yellowish tones to energize:

  • Calm Dawn: Ease into your day with this comforting scene.
  • Breath of Fresh Air: Don't forget to breathe and keep calm.
  • Splash of Light: Stay energized and focused!

Other scenes provided use playful colors to simulate some of the more familiar work day routines. As you might guess, Water Cooler utilizes deep blues, Lets Matcha uses light greens, and Coffee Break consists of shades of brown:

  • Lets Matcha: Perfect for sipping on your favorite cup of green tea.
  • Water Cooler: Office gossip corner, reimagined.
  • Coffee Break: Whether it's your 1st or 3rd cup of the day.

To go along with the shift toward working from home, Nanoleaf is offering a cool 15% off of their lighting kits and expansions. This discount brings popular starter kits like the touch sensitive Nanoleaf Canvas or triangular Light Panels down to $179.99 for 9 panels. Bigger discounts of up to 20% off are available for larger panel packs and accessory bundles.

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