Navigon MyRegion celebrates WWDC 2010 with discounts until June 11

NAVIGON is getting ready to celebrate WWDC 2010 (and no doubt the background GPS API!) with sale of their MyRegion app. Whether you're off to San Francisco for WWDC itself or just touring the bay area for fun and frolic, you can grab MyRegion for half off -- $14.99 from June 1-11, 2010, with additional maps for sale for $9.99.

MyRegion gives you the power of choice by letting you pick the map region/regions you need but still includes the features known from the award winning North American version, MobileNavigator. It is the first iPhone navigation app that lets users upgrade to additional regions within the app and on the go, providing cross country navigation by choice. The total U.S. map is downloaded upon purchase of the first “MyRegion,” which allows activation of additional map regions via a seamless In App Purchase from within the application. NAVIGON MyRegion allows premium navigation at a reduced price including functions such as Reality View Pro, Google Local Search, Lane Assistant Pro, Enhanced Pedestrian Mode, NAVIGON MyRoutes and much more.

If on-board maps and options are your thing, check it out and let us know how it does for your summer travels.

[iTunes link]

Rene Ritchie

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