Netatmo Weather Station gets support for Apple's HomeKit

Netatmo weather stations
Netatmo weather stations (Image credit: Netatmo)

What you need to know

  • Netatmo has announced that its Weather Station now supports Apple HomeKit
  • A firmware update will bring HomeKit integration and Siri voice commands.
  • Will only work on 2016 model and later.

Netatmo has announced that it is finally bringing HomeKit support for its Weather Station, after some serious hardware and software adjustments.

Announced over on their blog, Weather Station owners will now be able to view and interact with sensor data inside of the Apple Home app, and they'll be able to use Siri to ask about certain data.

Netatmo's Weather Station measures indoor and outdoor tempeature and humidity, as well as indoor CO2 and air quality. As 9to5Mac notes, as of iOS 13 those sensors are grouped in a single tile, but in the iOS 13.2 beta these can be ungrouped so that info from each sensor can viewed separately in the Home app.

Siri integration means you'll be able to request specific sensor data from the Weather Station using any compatible Apple device, for example the CO2 level in your bedroom. Automations will also allow users to trigger certains actions based on changes detected by the sensors. If you have a HomeKit enabled thermostat, you could set automations to change the level of your heating if the temperature in a particular room changes. Or, you could set your lights to change colour if the CO2 reading becomes too high.

Netatmo's Weather Station has been available since 2012, and HomeKit was announced in 2014. The Home app was announced in 2016 as a feature of iOS 10, which is when Netatmo decided to bring HomeKit compatibility to the Weather Station. Despite this the company had to jump through an awful lot of hoops to get the Weather Station ready, including making significant hardware and software modifications. You can read all the full timeline here.

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