New and updated apps: Twitterrific, Sonos Controller, Plex and more!

Every day dozens and dozens of new and updated apps and games hit the iOS and Mac App Stores. It's impossible to keep up with them all, but it's not impossible to pick out the very best. Here they are! Today on the iOS end we've got some updated exercise apps, an update to a popular Twitter client, better music control for your home. On the Mac end, we have a critical update for Microsoft Office, an update to a popular text editor and more!

New and updated iOS apps

  • Understudy 1.1: Understudy pairs you with another person interested in the same things you are, using built-in video chat and whiteboard to teach. The update enables you to use the whiteboard without connecting to someone else. Free - Download now

  • Twitterrific 5.7.1: The Iconfactory's perennially popular Twitter client makes several improvements like safeguards to prevent web ads from opening Safari automatically, improved formatting of mailed links and more. Bug fixes, too! Free - Download now

  • Plex 3.4.2: Plex Media Server gives you an elegant way to organize your media on your computer, and this app helps you control it from your iOS device. This update fixes bugs, including a few showstoppers. $4.99 - Download now

  • Agenda Calendar 4.1.5: This alternate calendar application fixes a crashing bug and also allows recurring reminders. $1.99 - Download now

  • Sonos Controller 4.3: The app that controls the Sonos Wireless HiFi System now supports Google Play Music All Access. Free - Download now

  • RunKeeper 4.4.1: The GPS tracking app for running, walking, and cycling sports "various squashed bugs." Free - Download now

  • Moves 2.6.3: Moves automatically tracks your everyday exercise, time spent commuting and in important places. You can now export data as a ZIP file, and the Help section has been updated. $2.99 - Download now

  • Wind-Up Knight 2: The classic 3D runner/puzzler has returned with new levels and mechanics, but the same cute look. Free, $3.99 upgrade - Download now

  • Buffer: Schedule your social shares with a brand new look. Free - Download now

  • Fly Catbug Fly!: An endless runner featuring the most adorable of the Bravest Warriors. $0.99 - Download now

  • The Wolf Among Us: A new chapter is available in this gritty drama game where modernity and fantasy collide. $4.99 - Download now

  • Endomondo Sports Tracker: One of the most popular fitness tracking apps on iOS now has stat tracking for premium subscribers. - Free / $3.99/month - Download now

  • Robots Love Ice Cream: Repel invaders in the most delicious way possible. - $0.99 - Download now

New and updated Mac apps

  • Xcode 5.1.1: Apple's integrated development environment for OS X and iOS gets another round of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Free - Download now

  • iStat Menus 4.2.1: The newest release of Bjango's system monitoring tool sports a variety of bug fixes and improves resource usage on Snow Leopard. $16 - Download now

  • BBEdit 10.5.10: Bare Bones' popular text editor for programmers, web developers and others gets a variety of bug fixes. $49.99 - Download now

  • Microsoft Office 2011 14.4.1: The latest update to Office 2011 for Mac sports what Microsoft describes as "critical" security updates, so it's probably a good idea to update as soon as you can. $9.99 per month - Download now

More apps and updates?

If you try any of the apps or updates, let me know how they work for you. If you got any new or updated apps today that you loved, but don't see here, let us know about them!

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